Running after the sunset

Hi there, I'm Anca and I'm twenty, currently living in Portugal. I have many hopes and dreams that I hope to accomplish, but mostly I desire happiness, for myself and the ones I love. Music, books, films, traveling and photography are some of the things that I adore.

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My bucket list

There are so many more things that I want/dream to do before I die;

I’ll keep adding them to the list : )

1. Learn how to swim.
Go to University/College.
3. Kiss a dolphin.
4. Move to a foreign country.
5. Learn how to play guitar.
6. Watch the launch of a space shuttle.
7. Send a message in a bottle.
8. Meet my idols.
9. Show my friends my home town.
10. Fall truly in love.
11. Write a book.
12. Watch the sunset on the beach.
13. Lay on the grass at night just to watch the sky.
14. Have a dog.
15. Go to Greece.
16. Thank my family for everything.
17. Go skydiving/bungee jumping with my brother.
18. Get my driver’s license.
19. Travel all around the world.
20. Learn how to speak French properly.
21. Watch movies all day while eating junk food.
22. Get a significant tattoo.
23. Save a life.
24. Be someone’s role model.
25. Read all Harry Potter’s books.
26. Visit la Casa de Giulietta.
27. Volunteer to help people.
28. Learn how to cook delicious food.
29. Ride a huge roller coaster.
30. Listen to all the songs on my mp4. (840)
31. Go for a walk in the sun with someone special.
32. Go for a ride with no destination.
33. Don’t go online for more than a month.
34. Dress my fanciest clothes and go out in the rain without an umbrella.
35. Stop biting my nails.
36. Spend a whole month watching concerts.
37. Invent something important.
38. Examine a moon rock.
39. Go to New York.
40. Write a song.
41. Climb the Mount Everest.
42. Give a significant amount of money to charity.
43. Get a perfect shoot of the moon.
44. Get kissed in the rain.
45. Write my everyday thoughts for a year.
46. Make a difference.
47. Sleep inside a haunted house.
48. Own or work in an Antiques shop.
49. Have a lizard.
50. Take pictures of my friends surfing.
51. Learn how to skate.
52. Learn how to skate backwards on my roller skates.
53. Write a movie/book critique to be published in a newspaper.
54. Write something for a newspaper.
55. Be a morning person.
56. Watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).
57. Go to a McFly concert.
58. Go to a Simple Plan concert.
59. Go to a Paramore concert.
60. Meet Ben, Duncan, Jonnie and Dave from The Buried Life.
61. Grab a guitar peck or a drumstick at a concert.
62. Go scuba diving.
63. Own a room with an amazing view.
64. Go to Paris.
65. Go to London.
66. Learn how to surf.
67. Go to a Maroon 5 concert.
68. Get a piercing (I already have pierced ears).
69. Tolerate wearing high heels.
70. Take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.
71. Go to Hawaii.
72. Go back to Paris.
73. Eat peanut butter (and jelly). (January 13, 2013)
74. Go to Indonesia for the Lantern Festival.
75. Learn how to fly (inspired by “The Buried Life”).
76. Take pictures in a photo booth with someone special.
77. Give blood.
78. Meet the cast of The Mortal Instruments.
79. Visit Rome and Venice.
80. Go to an Ed Sheeran concert.
81. Watch the Namibian night sky.
82. Go to a Passenger concert.
83. Visit
Machu Picchu.
84. Own a typewriter.
85. Be a grandma.
86. Go to a Coachella festival.
87. Go to Tomorrowland.
88. Own a bike.
89. Meet Johnny Depp.
90. Spend the New Year’s Eve in New York.
91. See the New York skyline (inspired by “The Perfect Man”).
92. Watch a football game live, in a stadium.
93. Read 100 books. (I didn’t always love to read so much, so I haven’t read that many books until now. I’m close though :) )
94. Be proud of myself.
95. Go to a The Lumineers concert.